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During these tough economic times more and more of Pennsylvania’s working-class is finding themselves unemployed. Many of us are scared and confused and do not know where to turn. I found myself in the same position, and found there to be a lack of information and knowledge of what to do to get yourself back on your feet. But somehow I managed and have been able to get myself back on my feet stronger than ever! How did I do this, well that’s why I decided to put this blog up, I’m going to share the different ways you can get yourself back on your feet.

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get back on our feet it’s the American way!

First Step

Fill in your name and e-mail address in the fields on this page on the right this way as I post new information on how to get you back on your feet you will automatically receive once again this site is free and there is no charge or will ever be a charge.

Second Step

If you haven’t already done so the first step is simple you must swallow your pride and file for Pa unemployment. There are a few rules in order to file for unemployment they are as follows

You Must

have become unemployed through no fault of their own,

have earned enough wages to qualify,

have performed services under the PA Unemployment Compensation Law,

have sufficient credit weeks to qualify,

be able and available to work and must be registered for work with Pennsylvania Career  Link Services.

There are two ways to file for PA unemployment compensation and Pennsylvania either online or by phone. If you choose to do it online, which is the way I recommend to do it you should go to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry website and complete the initial application by correctly answering the questions. After you file you will get a confirmation e-mail.You will then need to be registered with PA CareerLink which is a resource to help you find another job and also offers resume assistance, among other items. PA CareerLink services are available both online and in person at centers that are located throughout Pennsylvania. See the resources below to visit the PA CareerLink website. After the application is completed keep an eye on your mailbox for a letter determining the outcome of your application. I hope this information is helpful to you, make sure you sign up, so I may get the next steps to you!

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PA Unemployment Filing

How to File for Pennsylvania Unemployment

The state of Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation benefits is available to those residents in the state of Pennsylvania who have found themselves recently unemployed. They are welcome to apply for PA Unemployment Compensation or temporary income for themselves and their family while they look for more gainful work or employment.

If you are a resident who would like to apply for these benefits, you must meet the following eligibility requirements as stated below:

· You must be able to find work that the state deems suitable.

· You must be registered for work with the state of Pennsylvania’s CareerLink.

· You should have gone past the threshold or minimal waiting period of one week.

· You should have filed an application for Unemployment Compensation benefits.

· You are unemployed through no fault of your own.

Assuming that you qualify, you will be sent a Notice of Financial Determination. This letter contains the information reported by your previous employers of your wage amounts and length of employment. Your eligibility is based on the figures and facts within this document. If you have found that there is information incorrect such as your social security number, you should report your findings immediately.

The information within the Notice of Financial Determination letter should contain the overall decision by the the State. If you are eligible for PA Unemployment Compensation benefits the date of your first payment will be available and the amount each check will be.

If you have dependent children or a spouse who isn’t able to work, you will receive an additional $5 weekly for each. But if you have more than one child all others will only bring $3 more to your check. You must be the chief supporter of the spouse and children in order for them to be included with your check payment balance.

You will receive your check in one of two forms of possible payment types:

1) you are welcome to have your checks sent to your bank account as a direct deposit or

2) you could have the funds sent to a debit card each payment date.

Within the contents of your Confirmation Letter, there is information available to help you complete the processing of your chosen payment type.

Your funds are paid out usually on a bi-weekly basis. Your next claim must take place when both of the weeks have ended and are ready to be claimed on the next check, between the Friday and Sunday of that week. This will reset your status and therefore your payment for the following payment period or next two weeks.

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Partial PA Unemployment

Did You Know that if you have received a reduction in regular hours of work because there has been a slow down or lack of work you may apply for partial PA Unemployment benefits. You may also apply if you have been layed off and found another job but are only working less than full time and you are earning less than before. You can apply for Partial Pa Unemployment if you are only able to find part time work. Partial benefits can be applied for the same way as regular PA Unemployment benefits on the web site or by phone or you can print a form from the website and print it and turn it in to your nearest PA Career Link

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